Complete Custom Wood Mail Center with 80 Pockets and Upper Storage Cabinets

Example Charnstrom Satellite Mail Station with top and bottom storage features



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Charnstrom Mail Room furniture is available to accommodate just about any sorting, space and storage requirement. Sorters are modular and can be configured to meet your linear sorting needs. Satellite Mail Stations are available for dozens of uses beyond the traditional mail center. Satellite Mail Stations are perfect for storing catalogs and promotional materials; tracking invoices, estimates, quotes, shipping orders and other documents; providing temporary, easy-access filing for work in process; as a resource center for research documents and reports; and so much more. Sorting units can even be placed on consoles with caster bases that let you move the sorter across a room or move sorters away from a wall for cleaning.

Custom Satellite Mail Stations - Wood Sorters & Consoles

We are pleased to introduce Charnstrom's exciting new concepts in Satellite Mail Stations. Charnstrom now provides a "made to order" solution that will accommodate your specific mail sorting and space needs. Unlike Charnstrom's existing furniture, these units are manufactured in wood and are available in hundreds of laminate colors and patterns. Below is just an example of a satellite mail station providing 80 openings (11-1/2"w x 3-1/2"h) and three pull-out lower drawers. We find these units ideal for tight spaces which require a lot of sorting capacity, especially when you want to complement existing office furniture.


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Charnstrom Satellite Mail Stations

Custom Wood Sorter with

Integrated Storage Drawers


Complete Custom Wood Mail Center with 24 Pockets and Storage Cabinet

Complete Mail Center with

24 Pockets and Storage Cabinet


Freestanding Sort Module



Custom Wood Satellite Mail Station

with full depth shelf

Wire Organizer, 40 Pockets, Letter Depth Shelf

Wire Mail Sorters

(many sizes & configurations)


Front Loading Cabinet with 32 Mailboxes

Metal Mail Boxes



40 Pocket Sorter Tote Sorting

Product Features
New or Improved Features

Charnstrom Custom Wood Furniture

  Using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, 

  Charnstrom can design and manufacture almost

  any wood mail sorting solution. more

Charnstrom Mail Boxes -  Aluminum and

  brass mail boxes can be customized to meet many

  different satellite applications.  Units can be wall

  mounted or placed on our custom wood

  workstations.  We also offer several locking

  options including master doors.

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