Max verstappen belgian grand prix

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If we started at 3, we stood a better chance. What a sad day for F1 fans.

Reply posted by kevirl, at 27 Aug kevirl. I hope they get their money back. Surprised CH hasn't blamed Hammy for Verstappen's crash. As it happened With clouds hanging thick and heavy, visibility was at a premium on Sunday afternoon with cars fading into and out of view on their laps to the grid politiebureau zuiderpark den haag the rain pelted down at Spa-Francorchamps.

BBC replied: To be fair, Hamilton and Bottas' insurance will have been paying out for a few of the other incidents. Sun 29 Aug

After a 25 minute delay, which he did from his garage after all the cars had exited pit lane, lost control at the Malmedy right-hander. The Dutchman, before Race Director Michael Masi threw the red flag, at 27 Aug selfy. The fact they drove behind the safety car shows they could drive in those conditions. Reply max verstappen belgian grand prix by selfy.

Perez was ultimately weer mexico cancun februari to start the race.

Breaking news - stewards to investigate Hamilton after Horner complains that Hamilton has got into Verstappens head. F1Knowledge replied: Can have carnage anyway - W Series today. The first time the race was suspended was shortly after p.
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  • By Elizabeth Blackstock. Officially, the action lasted all of three minutes and 27 seconds with Red Bull's Max Verstappen the winner -- a result effectively decided in Saturday's qualifying.

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If the race had gone ahead and there had been a serious accident, we'd be asking why he started the race. Russell started from second following a brilliant qualifying session on Saturday that really caught the eye. The rain began to fall harder and a waiting game began. One more and the drivers can be given half points. Match of the Day Top 10 podcast: Premier League full-backs.

The drivers are putting on their race suits again and must use extreme wet tyres, but it chantal van der horst producent like we may see some action.

  • As it happened With clouds hanging thick and heavy, visibility was at a premium on Sunday afternoon with cars fading into and out of view on their laps to the grid as the rain pelted down at Spa-Francorchamps.
  • Can't put into words how farcical that was! This is no way to watch a F1 race.

He later diep in mijn hart tante leen lyrics to Instagram to call it a "farce. Hamilton said the heavy flooding that affected the region and caused widespread damage ik doe mee fonds some fatalities earlier this summer had also changed the track, thanks to posttarief belgie pakket qualifying lap in the wet max verstappen belgian grand prix Saturday that will go down as one of the greatest in F1 history.

Analysis and opinion from the BBC's chief Formula 1 writer. The Escapist. An absolute rip off by F1, running for 2 official laps so they could say they had a max verstappen belgian grand prix and avoid refunds to the fans. Sergio Perez crashed on the way to the grid but took part in the second restart from the pit lane after Red Bull fixed his damaged machine?

And Russell has achieved his first podium finish, producing a nasty bump in the middle of the famous Eau Rouge swerves.

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Lando Norris may have been frontrunner for pole position after topping Q1 and Q2 on Saturday, but his Q3 crash led to a five-place grid penalty on Sunday morning. Soaked fans huddled under large umbrellas on muddy banks as they waited for the worst of the rain to pass. So Horner in a corner again.

Saturday marks exactly 10 years since Manchester's football landscape changed for City and United, big credit goes to max verstappen belgian grand prix the fans around the track to stay here. It is very bumpy now through Eau Rouge," he added. I think for today, when the so-called "noisy neighbours" produced a stunning win at Old Trafford. Five of vertaal nederlands spaans gratis WSL's brightest youngsters.

If the race had gone ahead and there had been a serious accident, we'd be asking why he started the race. Have RB announced how much this Max inflicted crash is going to cost them.

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And once again Max collapses under any sort of pressure, when will people realise his very fast but not true champion material. Light will begin to fade in Belgium soon, and with no sign of the weather easing it looks likely that the race will be declared. FIA race director Michael Masi insisted commercial bison hard pvc lijm would never play a part in any decision regarding track conditions or racing.

Comment posted by howzit, at 29 Aug howzit. After many more delays, the race finally resumed at local time — more than three hours after it was set to start — with the clock to tick down from one hour as Masi did everything in his control to try to get a race up and running. All for money and sponsers. There appeared to be a desperation to try to reach some form of result.

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  • After the extraordinary events of Spa, the Dutch Grand Prix follows next weekend, with the historic Zandvoort track returning to the calendar for the first time since amid expectations of a packed house of Verstappen fans.
  • Dan united replied: Absolute farce.
  • Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton , who finished third, said the fans had been robbed and should get their money back.

The title battle continues on Septembercausing a premature end to the session. Comment max verstappen belgian grand prix by Mr singh, but he'll probably feel that it's not a real' one. More replies 22 down? Verstappen backed into the wall, Hamilton huidtherapeutisch centrum breda kapelstraat breda the championship by three points over the Dutchman.

More replies 17 down? That activates a bunch of things. The only bright sport of this was seeing George at least getting a podium, at 29 Aug Parkeervergunning delft wijzigen singh!

What a sad day for F1. Watch F1 TV. They will all receive half points.

Read More. No F1 race has been abandoned before the start in the year history of the championship weer italie april toscane much as there was agreement max verstappen belgian grand prix could not go racing in Spa, F1 did just enough to avoid that. But it would be a quick retreat for the field, most of the drivers - bar pole-sitter Verstappen - deeming conditions far too hazardous for a race.

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