Datamation Systems has over 50 years of experience working with mail and transportation departments.  We offer the full range of carts, security and storage solutions from Charnstrom, Hamilton Sorter and Secure Mailing Systems.  If you are looking for a specific cart or have an application in mind, contact us.  We can forward recommendations on the products to address your needs and in most cases, at a discount from publish prices.


Charnstrom offers a wide range of office, mail and industrial carts to address just about any need.  Carts are available in different sizes and configurations.  In order to help address HIPAA regulations, many carts are available with security features or even canvas covers.  Below are just a few examples of what is available.

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Medium Solid Metal Cart with 10″ Rear Tires

Wire-Basket Cart With Ergonomic Designed Handle and Choice of Casters

Compact wire Basket Mail Cart with 2 File Baskets

Medium Metal Cart with 10″ Rear Tires and Locking Top

Secure Mailing Systems

Secure Mailing Systems is one of North Americas top companies for supplying mail room furniture, carts, storage solutions and security containers (i.e. bags, totes, bins) in the industry.  Their carts feature fully welded construction, high quality wheels and ergonmic shapes.  They are among the best built carts in the market and available in various sizes to accomodate mail and office filing needs.

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