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Datamation Systems

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Will satellite mail station be used in the mailroom or within an office space? Mail Office

Console width:  36” 48”   60”   72”

For the above console, do you need:  full shelf doors  intermediate shelves

Do you need mail slots on worksurface? Yes (describe application in comments below)
Do you want console to sit:  flush with floor   above floor on legs
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Do you need a Plexiglas message board over the sorter?  Yes

Shipping and Color Finishes. Check all that apply.
Do you need to receive the stations fully assembled? (Sorters are shipped assembled. Consoles can be shipped flat for easy assembly, saving freight cost.)


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Datamation Systems Inc.
125 Louis Street
South Hackensack, NJ 07606-1733
Tel:  201-329-7200    212-732-3824
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Datamation Systems, Inc.  125 Louis St  South Hackensack,  NJ   07606     201-329-7200

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