Hamilton Sorter mail sorter modules with open back.  Units can be used as wall partitions and offered with plexiglas doors.


Satellite Stations - Mail Boxes

Datamation Systems offers mail boxes for many uses including interoffice mail, student or teacher correspondence, contracts or even art work.  We receive request for custom units for many different applications and can manufacture a unit for just about any type of mail or document imaginable.  In some cases, customers need to meet HIPAA privacy compliance and must secure their mail.  We have many cost effective options that can help.


If you have a need to sort or secure your office and department mail, feel free to contact us.  We can provide several options or quote on a custom solution. 

Satellite Mail Stations - Mail Boxes

Front Loading Cabinet with 32 Mailboxes

Front Loading Cabinet

with 32 Mailboxes


Hamilton Sorter Sort Modules

(open back designs)


Vertical Mailbox. Surface Mount

Vertical Mailbox - Surface Mount



Small Laminated Wood Cabinet - Wood Cabinet Only!

HIPAA Compliance -  Wood Cabinet

(Shown with optional table and mailboxes)

Hamilton Sorter ModularCaseworks

(many sizes & configurations)


Rotating Front Loading Cabinet w/28 Mailboxes


Rotating Front Loading Cabinet

w/28 Mailboxes


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Charnstrom Custom Wood Furniture

  Using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, 

  Charnstrom can design and manufacture almost

  any wood mail sorting solution. click here

Charnstrom Mail Room Catalog -  Did you

  know we have an online catalog with Charnstrom 

  complete line of mail room equipment with prices

  and shipping cost.  Most products are in stock

  and ship within a few days.  click here 



Available Laminates
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Hamilton Sorter Laminates - We offer hundreds of laminate choices to match just about any existing office or mail center decor.
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