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Datamation Systems has been providing mail management, specialized work station, document handling, security and document management solutions in the New York and New Jersey since 1963. For well over four decades, Datamation has grown into one of the leaders in the application of new technology and good management practices in the areas of mail and distribution systems and equipment, task-specific work station design, office ergonomics, filing and records management and information security.

We are the largest in the United States for several categories of equipment including specialized mail and shipping furniture and equipment security devices. We have developed specialized work stations for technology-intensive environments, including innovative, flexible trading desks, command centers, and work stations for people who are physically challenged.

We have also helped clients with innovative and productivity-enhancing systems for mail handling and tracking, including state-of-the-art logging and tracking systems for accountable mail and critical document control.

Whether they are architects and designers or facilities and operations managers, our customers use us best when they have an idea they would like to develop or a problem they would like to solve. Drawing on the resources of nearly one hundred manufacturers of specialized products, our experienced systems specialists can help you find the best solution. We can often help you improve the use of space, the work flow and productivity of a work environment or implement a design concept economically and efficiently. We can do something as simple a providing a better file cabinet or as complex as designing and equipping a corporate distribution facility.

Many of today's organizations are faced with challenges of doing more with less, maximizing resources, improving productivity and meeting the demands of corporate moves, consolidations and new regulations. Datamation has the experience of helping managers meet these challenges for almost forty years. We can be your partner in this process, as well.

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